Journey to the world
Ledan was driving at an insane speed, he couldn’t just control is excitement of a father to be. Meanwhile, Imabong who was seating on the passengers seat was pleading with Ledan to take it easy. “please my husband oo, sufri sufri nah, you want to kill me and my twins ehn?”, she kept rambling and protesting in obvious pains. “I.D o, you’re pretty funny! You said your twins” he remarked with his face facing front.

“Of course yes! Why not?, I carried them in my tummy for nine months”, she tried to explain. “But it was me who sold the seeds into you without which you won’t have them in tummy”, Ledan said in an excited tone smirking his face while still facing front concentrating on his speedy driving.

“I concur with you, but your seed have grown without my fertile land”, Imabong countered pointing to her tummy, “and now I’ll have to painfully harvest them”, she added referring to her current labour pains.

“But we both complimented each other, while I contributed the seeds, you contributed the land, people always tend to congratulate the women during pregnancy but no one always compliment the Kaya for a good work done”, Ledan said trying to buttress his standpoint.

“E don do ooo, I don hear”, she said remembering what a talkative her hubby was. Ledan could argue all day never lacking words to support his view points. That’s one of the reasons she loved him, with the power of his razor tongue, he had defended her times without number.
Gboom! Ledan had just entered into a pothole. “Ewooo, if our daddy doesn’t kill us, who will?” Imabong asked rhetorically while shaking her head in pains.
In no time Ledan and his wife got to the Group Medical Hospital.

It took them about 30 minutes, something which usually take them about one hour. The nurses on duty rushed out and took Imabong in to one of the delivery rooms, while Ledan waited just outside the door doing what he knows how to do best; singing…

“Center never busy
Always on the line
You may hear from heaven
Almost every time
It is a Royal Service
Free for one and all
When you get in trouble
Give the Royal Line a call’
He switched to another song…
“Lord I have confidence in you, Jesus
Lord I have confidence in you, anytime any day
Lord I have confidence in you, Chineke mo”
Ledan kept on singing songs after songs most especially worship songs until the doctor came out about 20 minutes later.
He ran to the doctor, though unable to speak gave him a questioning look. “Mr.Ledan, please see me in my office nowt”, the doctor said wearing a tired look while Ledan followed him like someone who is being controlled by a remote into his office.

“Doctor what’s happening with my wife and kids?”, Ledan finally asked weakly as if he just found his lost voice. “There seem to be some complications in your wife’s attempt to give birth”, the doctor began, “as it stands now, cesarean section is the only way out”, the doctor spilled the beans. “What?, why would my wife need a c-section to deliver?”, he asked the doctor almost shouting.

“Mr.Ledan, you have to calm down please, a hundred and fifty thousand naira would be needed for this section and it should be provided as soon as possible”, the doctor replied. “Where do you want me to get such a huge amount of money right now, huh?” Ledan asked the doctor appearing angered by his words.

“If I knew the answer to your questions, I wouldn’t have asked you here to talk to you”, the doctor answered. “Doctor, can’t you go ahead with it, why I go to find the money?” Ledan asked pleadingly. “Mr.Ledan, most people might think we doctors are wicked, but we ain’t like that, we have dealt with dubious people in the past times without number who made promises like you’re doing now but failed, experience they say teaches even fools, need I remind you, to start looking for the money now because time waits for no one”, the doctor explained before walking out of the office with the excuse of being busy leaving Ledan dumbfounded.

“Seems like my babies won’t experience a smooth journey into the world”, Ledan painfully said and left the doctor’s office.
“Doctor!, Doctor!!”, Akande called out as he approached the doctor who had just come out of the delivery room, “how’s my wife?, how’s Medina and my unborn child?”, Akande asked impatiently given the doctor a short dark man with moustache no chance to reply.

“Akande my friend, the delivery process is having complications, the child is facing the wrong place, but we’re doing everything in our power to make sure your wife and babies are safe”, Doctor Ebele explained calmly. “Subhanalah!, exclaimed Akande arms akimbo, ” would I still loose my child again after four previous miscarriages and thirteen years of waiting?”, Akande asked rhetorically.

“Don’t worry too much Akande my friend, God would hear your prayers, nothing will happen to your wife and your unborn child”, doctor Ebele assured Akande. “There’s no one on earth without problems, Allamdulilah for mine”, Akande chorused with tears in his eyes.


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