Domestic Violence Owell Ours is a union made in heaven, so they say.
I have found the perfect spouse in a world filled with deceit and falsehood. I feel comfortable and safe when we’re together. I am reassured of our never ending love for each other.  You see, I feel lucky to be married to someone so intelligent and good looking as opposed to me.
We have been married for six months now, after dating for just two months.  There was no time to waste, I knew right from the start that I had found ‘The One’, afterall who will be willing to fall in love with me let alone marry me?. Ours was a case of love at first sight.
My spouse has a foul temper.  When angry, things are smashed and destroyed. I once watched my favorite wedding picture being sabotaged in my very presence. I am not left out, time and again I get hit in different places. I have been beaten with a baseball bat and even sustained a cut from the kitchen knife. He is careful not to hit me where visible, but where can be covered when I am all dressed up. Clever. But after every storm comes a calm, so when the anger abates apologies are rendered, promises are made and we make up. Love is forgiving after all.
My husband is extremely jealous and possessive. I have cut off all contacts with my friends, they are dubious anyway and who knows, they could try to talk me out of my one shot at true happiness. I make calls and receive calls in the presence of my spouse. My social media accounts have been shut down too. I’m not allowed to pay much attention to the Internet. I suspect something is wrong, but I am beyond embarrassed to admit them or ask for help, as I am no longer close to any of my friends or immediate family.
We went out last night,  to a sit out somewhere in town. I believe you know Amazon, it’s one of my favorites. I ran into Dele, my high school sweetheart, on our way out.  I was over joyous,  I haven’t seen him in four years.  We hugged, I introduced him to my spouse, chatted for a few minutes and then said my goodbyes. When I got home, I was still gushing over how fortunate I was to run into such a person when I felt something hard hit my head. My god, the pressing iron?.
I hear voices. My husband is crying and shouting telling me to please wake up, apologizing endlessly. The doctors give their reassurance that they will do their utmost to zap me back to a conscious state. On the contrary,  I want nothing more than to sink into this black hole,  this darkness that is calling onto me. My only crime was to love and be loved in return.
If you happen to come by tne Teaching hospital today, Accidents and Emergencies Unit, help me talk to one of the doctors on duty. Tell him to let me be. I am finally home.
My name is Annie, and i have been a victim of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence – Written by: Mercee Solomon.



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