Violence On Woman, Girl Child

My dad screamed”Chidinma am off, don’t wanna miss my flight”i rushed up to him he said he was going to miss me and I promise to be a good girl, passionately he hugged me and mum then left..
His journey Was to last for 3 hours. At about 11.35 am that was an hour after the plane took off..Mums phone rang.. Ghrrrr ghrrr”Mum your phone is ringing”i said..Hello hello, yes I am Mrs okonwo mum said not less than five seconds mum screamed CHINEKE oo  Anwualamo” (MY GOD) in a tinkle of an eye I found myself on the hospital bed,mum lying lifeless and hopeless on it, series of drips, injection. Mmm mum was semi dead…

Two weeks later mum finally gave up and join dad to rest in peace..
I was left alone in this dreadful world full of brutality.

I stayed in the house all alone until one fateful day,I heard a knock on the door,it was my uncle(my father’s only brother)with a Stern look”you should leave this house to the boys quarter’s and hand over to me all your father landed documents and the car keys” I asked why?He looked up to me and said confidently “All your father’s assets has being passed on to me due to your father’s inability to produce an offspring”Angrily I asked”what am I”he laughed brutally,starred at me for a while then said “YOU ARE A GIRL,YOU HAVE NO RIGHT OVER YOUR FATHER’S PROPERTY ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOM OF OUR LAND”


Join Uzomechine Bernadette chidinma as she campaigns against VIOLENCE ON WOMEN AND GIRL CHILD..

Article By Uzomechine Bernadette Chidinma‎


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