Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh - Nigeria's Michael Faraday

I have always admired great and talented individuals, but I give special honour to dignitaries that have impacted the world through there critical thinking and analytical way of strategising ideas (Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh – Nigeria’s Michael Faraday).

I would like to welcome you to the Technological aspect of our blog @9jahotstars and today we are celebrating Nigeria’s own Michael Faraday Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh , the Managing Director/CEO of Hybrid Micro Machines Products Limited. He studied Electrical/electronic Engineering graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Engr Omeh stands tall today as the pioneer Wind Energy Expert and Inventor in Nigeria. He is also talented and full of innovative ideas. Hybrid Micro Machines Products Limited – the brainchild of this genius is a Company specialized in modern broadcast and power engineering systems designs, constructions and maintenance services. The Company has built, reactivated, upgraded/serviced/maintained several broadcast/communication installations and power facilities for over 40 Organizations, with Government establishments, the military and reputable private Organisations as Clients, plus numerous Consultancy Services. Engr Omeh, who, on graduation, simply chose to venture into self-employment, based on perfect knowledge of his field of study, eventually persevered through an extensive research, culminating in the re-invention of Wind Energy – a potential source of clean energy generated without the hazardous carbon emissions. By this feat, Engr Omeh, already with numerous Awards, Honors, Endorsements and Appointments in his kitty, was, at a recent engineering workshop in Enugu, declared the Michael Faraday of Nigeria.

Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh , started from grass and now he his leading Nigeria into the future with wonderful designs, analysis and critical structures.

But the question now is why are will still depending on the invention of neighbours to better our own house? Hope you understand what I mean? Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh , is a Nigerian brand and a true glory for Nigeria. What do you think about him? Can he play a role in building our country (Nigeria)?  Expect more inventors and their inventions from us @9jahotstars.com as this is just the begin, we love you Engr. Sebastine Chinonye Omeh – Nigeria’s Michael Faraday.



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