List of Dealers and Places to Buy TStv Decoder in Nigeria

TStv is a wonderful development, with amazing features, Nigerians are anxiously waiting for TStv to hit the ground running as it will surely be a direct alternative to DStv at a cheaper price if TStv maintains their promises.

welcome onboard TStv. TSTV was officially lauched on October 1st (independence day) I know you guys are eager to know where and how you can you purchase your TStv decoder. Thank God, TStv has updated the “Where to buy” section, on their official website.

Now, they have dealers in 15 states. Below are the location areas updated on their website, probably other states and more dealers will be added to the list on or before 1st of October.


Abuja FCT, Anambra, Bauchi, Delta, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Pleateau, and Taraba.
For more detail about the available dealers, check out “Where to buy” section on their official website at http://www.tstvafrica.com/wheretobuy.php
Choose your state and you’ll see the name, location, email and phone number of the dealer that will be selling TStv Decoder.

Dealer’s accreditation is still ongoing and every other state should come on board once it’s completed. To be a Dealer or Sales Representative: Simply click here to register.

Hopefully, TStv will end the monopoly of South African Multichoice’s Digital Satellite TV (DStv) in the pay TV market. TStv will be on sell nationwide from 1st October! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how things go, but this is going to be value added.

Before Purchase the TStv here are the factors to be considered

  • Equipment cost:  With N5,000, you get everything that will get you started (TStv decoder +Remote+ dish), exclusion of the installation fees.
  • TStv on Quickteller Payment Platform: TStv has made the subscription/renew painless, you’ll be able to pay your TStv subscription on Quickteller as it has now been added to the Quickteller payment platform. Hopefully, it will be added to other e-payment platform very soon.
  • 20GB Data Bonus: You get the 20GB free only when you first buy the package. Subsequently, you receive 10GB on renewal, only if you subscribed to monthly subscription which is that of N3,000.
  • Data Allocation: It has nothing to do with watching of TVST channels. It’s just a Value Added Services to all TStv subscribers. For instance, if you subscribe for 1 month, You’ll get 10GB Free data from TStv. And you can always buy 1GB of data for N300 once you exhaust your data.
  • TStv Decoder Claimed to have a WiFi Router Capability: This simply means that with your TStv Africa decoder, you can share your internet connection from your decoder with anyone within the wifi signal coverage. This is otherwise known as WiFi tethering or hotspot
  • Pause Subscription: You can only pause your subscription for seven days. Which means you have 7 days of grace plus your 30 day validity period. Meaning you can’t use your full month subscription for 60 days or more. Pause Subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.
  • TStv Movie Box: This box contains series of new movies available for purchase for a token of N300.
  • Daily Subscription cost as low as N200, 3 days subscription (N500), Weekly subscription (N750) etc.
  • Lastly, Tstv is not yet available in commercial quantity as at the time of publishing this article. 2nd of October, 2017. Please do not make any advance payment to any person or group.

Below is the message from their Official Facebook page:
We wish to inform the general public that the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoders has not commenced and there is no request from TStv Africa to subscribers for payments of any kind whatsoever for decoders. The public is hereby advised to disregard any instructions from any person(s) to make payments. For further information on our products and services, kindly visit www.tstvafrica.com and our social media handles. TStv Africa …connecting your world!Watch the full interview with the CEO of TStv Africa Mr Echefu Bright

I do not feel disappointed with lack of sports channels on TStv at the launching. TStv offer pay as you view, Wifi routing, huge data, different channels for everyone, pausing of subscription capability and PVR, all in one package with a very affordable price. And the internet speed is peaked at 4G. It means even villagers can enjoy 4G network. I take my hat off for all the people behind this freaking awesome.


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